Small But Mighty
Welcome to the home of Aikido in west Central Illinois. As a group, we take our cue from O-Sensei. We are small but mighty.

The Sangamon Aikikai, as we are officially known at
Hombu Dojo, has existed since 1987. Our original sensei was Chris Hadlestat. When he left to pursue his residency at Mayo Clinic, Lenore Killam, our current sensei, was selected to take over the club. Like our group, do not let her diminutive size or soft-spoken nature fool you. Killam Sensei (and, yes, we do have fun with her last name) is a Yondan Fukushidoin. In other words, she is a fourth degree black belt whose teaching credentials have been certified by the United States Aikido Federation. She is small but mighty.

In addition to Aikido, Lenore has also studied
Kali and will sometimes blend her knowledge from that art into her lessons. She is a proponent of cross-training.

At Sangamon Aikikai, students receive personal attention from Lenore and she works hard to meet the individual needs of those she trains. After all, we do not all step onto the mat with the same background or the same goals, which makes training a rich and diverse experience as we all help one another strive toward individual self-improvement. It also creates a warm and welcoming environment for the beginning student to gain confidence as they grow toward more advance instruction.

For more information, contact us today. Lenore can be reached by telephone at 217.494.0570 or by e-mail at, or just stop by. We are located next to the former Carver’s at 4179 West Jefferson Street in Springfield. This is the dojo where Atlas Martial Arts & Fitness trains. You may also visit our Facebook page.

We look forward to meeting you.
Sangamon Aikikai